See some of my work in BIRDscapes Gallery, North Norfolk

A gallery full of stellar art, with a really welcoming feel, and the lovely owners fed me coffee and helped me feel so much at home.

Photographs don’t do justice to glass

Living in Snowdonia is wonderful (and often wet & windy!) but it is a long, long way from most of the UK’s population. This is not such a bad thing in many ways – but it does mean I’m heavily dependent on photographs and video clips to show the world what I’m up to. That’s unfortunate, because I’m a terrible photographer and the usual backdrop (my studio) is usually a mess. Or even when it isn’t a mess, it looks like one because there are such a lot of things in there…

Enter the rather wonderful BirdScapes Gallery. After the SWLA exhibition in 2019, the lovely owners invited me to a chat about exhibiting some of my work for sale in their beautiful jewel-box of a gallery in North Norfolk. They are very lovely people, and their gallery is a truly inviting and thoroughly tempting place to visit (I have yet to make it out of there without having bought something!). They have several of my pieces, including my Hen-harrier ‘Skydancer’, and the Sand Martins piece ‘Hostile Environment’ (see photos above). The Wallcreeper pair (also pictured above) has recently been sold.

I really, strongly suggest if you’re in the area, you drop in and have a browse. Not necessarily for my work (although you will see just how much more ‘alive’ glass is in sunlight and shadow, than in my rubbish photos!) but also for the sheer quality of the work displayed, the lovely setting, and the real, genuine niceness of the gallery owners. And don’t forget your cash – believe me, you will regret it if you don’t!